Fostering creativity & intellectual development

Preschool Education Matters

Research has revealed that the critical, intellectual, social, and psychological importance of a child’s experience occurs during the preschool years. Our program concentrates on concepts and practices of growth for younger children. It is the philosophy of this center to be aware of these needs and to contribute to the overall social, emotional, and conceptual growth of all our children.

Our curriculum includes preschool education emphasizing creativity, social, emotional, and intellectual development. Each week a special theme is planned for students to learn new vocabulary and concepts with daily exposure to literature, science and mathematics. Examples of the themes range from animals, nature, families, and feelings to community helpers. Themes include daily practice and lesson plans with reading, math, science, social studies, art projects, food experiences, fieldtrips, and special guests. Children begin learning the basic mechanics of reading, counting, patterns, and creativity.

Our goal is to increase the oral vocabulary of the children, which will in turn increase their reading comprehension when they start school.