After a busy school year, our students deserve to have fun.

Tender Years offers school age children a daily summer camp in which students participate in activities that not only entertain, but also promote social and cognitive growth.

Our Summer Camp Coordinator is one of our most enthusiastic teachers and thoroughly enjoys planning and implementing summer camp activities. During the 11 weeks of summer, our summer camp students are on the go.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays are fieldtrip days with two fieldtrips on each day. Most other child care centers only go on 2-3 field trips the entire week. We travel from Ogden to Salt Lake in order to expose the children to a broader range of activities that are both educational and incredibly fun! Summer Camp activities include: fishing, the zoo, the aquarium, skating, swimming, pottery, bowling, miniature golf, going to movies, visiting museums, and taking tours of local businesses to discover and learn about their community. Mondays and Fridays are non-fieldtrip days. On these days, our summer campers are active making crafts, enjoying water play, playing at the nearby park, or engaging in friendly board games.

Tender Years accommodates both traditional and year round school schedules. Summer Camp activities fees are calculated separately from regular tuition fees.