Our four-year-olds continue to amaze us with their ever growing minds and abilities. We encourage this growth by providing many experiences to interact positively with others and expand their knowledge. Our teachers work hard to prepare them for kindergarten by continuing with their formal preschool setting which enhances their cognitive, social, and physical development. Every parent receives a written daily report on their child’s progress and needs.

Preschool Curriculum
Tender Years preschool curriculum focuses on reading, math, writing, art, music, language, science, and movement. Children continue their exploration of letters, shapes, colors, and numbers. We focus on the sounds of letters and counting, writing, and recognizing numbers and their patterns. This age group focuses a great deal on letters, sounds, blending, chunking, and comprehension which are all the beginning stages for reading. Every week has a different theme that teachers use to build their curriculum with. These themes are used to create art projects, science exploration, and enhance vocabulary. Literature and language are a large part of the children’s world in our cozy library area. Teachers spend time reading and singing with the children and provide many opportunities to practice writing their names and letters. Imagination and creativity are enhanced through our daily art and music activities. Large motor skills are increased twice a day with play time on our brand new playground and in our gym. The children explore their community with educational field trips and guest speakers.

All children spend time enhancing their technology skills through daily computer practice. All computer programs are educational and help develop reading, math, and problem solving skills.

Our children are given time to learn through play as well as structured activities. They are given independence to choose their focus of play. Children are given opportunities to imagine and build in various centers of the room that are filled with age appropriate toys.

Our four-year-olds are given many opportunities to enhance their social skills through group play and activities. Teachers encourage the children to work through conflicts as a team by verbalizing their feelings. Students are taught that their words are more powerful than a fist. Children develop positive peer interaction by playing and working side by side and in teams. Teachers enhance the children’s friendships and bonds by role modeling how children should treat each other and by providing positive group experiences. Tender Years strongly believes in positive reinforcement. Children are praised for positive behavior and always taught what they can do.

Health and Safety
Tender Years exceeds state health requirements in hand washing as children are taught to clean their hands regularly. Toys and equipment are sanitized daily and napping equipment is individually assigned, not shared. All toys and equipment are age appropriate and are used to enhance development.