We love our school age kids. There is never a dull moment when the school students are in the house.

Our kindergarteners attend local elementary schools during the morning or afternoon sessions. While in our care, kindergarten students engage in educational activities that provide additional time to increase reading, writing, science, and mathematical skills.

School Age Students
Tender Years provides before and after care for school age students. All day care is provided for students who attend a year round school. Services are not limited to only the students we transport. We welcome students who are not in our transportation area on our ‘off track’ only agreement.

Before school, students are served breakfast at 7:45 a.m. and are transported to school. After school, students are served a snack when they arrive at Tender Years. After their snack, students are allowed to complete their homework assignments or engage in free activities such as computer time, art, manipulatives, or reading. Listening to music, singing, and dancing is a favorite past time for most of our school aged students. School age students are scheduled for outside time at 4:40 p.m. where they enjoy our brand new playground featuring a rock wall, monkey bars, and several slides.

Tender Years transports to local area schools. We accommodate both traditional and year round school schedules and transport kindergarten through 6th grade students. On a yearly basis, we determine which schools we will transport to depending on the need of the community. This year we are transporting to Bluff Ridge, Ellison Park, Sand Springs, Antelope, Cook, Buffalo Point, Syracuse Arts Academy, North Davis Preparatory Academy, and Syracuse Elementary.

Our drivers are transporting precious cargo and must meet certain qualifications. They must be over 21, possess a clean driving record, hold a current drivers license, and obtain 1st Aid/CPR certification. To drive our 59-passenger bus, our drivers must also complete training and testing for their class B license, with passenger endorsement. Tender Years has a strict policy that cellular phones are not to be used by the driver while the vehicle is in motion. Our drivers conduct a name to face check as they enter the bus and as they return to Tender Years.