February 2013 Newsletter

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Tender Years will be OPEN on Monday, February 18th for President’s Day. However, please be sure to let the office know if your child will be here or not so we can staff accordingly.


This has been an overwhelming winter! But we have some good news, due to the damage we received from the storms we have decided to take this opportunity to remodel and update all the classrooms in the center. New floors, carpet, shelves, furniture, windows, etc. You name it! We are so excited to improve the classrooms and know that you will be happy with the end result. We will try to do most of the work in the evenings and weekends. Please be patient as we work through these updates.




Valentine’s Parties


All of our classrooms will be doing a holiday party on Thursday February 14th. Please read below under your child’s class to get the details and remember that if you choose to send a treat with your child that it must be store bought. Also, you are welcome to do a non-food item if you wish.




Cultural Awareness Speakers


We are still searching for parents who are willing to be guest speakers for our children on a culture. We are searching for any parents who have lengthy knowledge of a different culture to come and do a short presentation. You could be from a different culture or spent a great deal of time with a different culture. We are hoping to have speakers this month since it is Cultural Awareness month at Tender Years. Please let the office or your child’s teacher know if you are interested.




“Food” for Thought


Tender Years is in partnership with the Utah Child Food Program. Therefore, we take the health and nutrition of all of our children very seriously. Our weekly menus are always posted in front of each classroom for you to review. Please let us know if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions. Often, parents will send a treat to school for a special occasion which is always welcome and appreciated. We would also like to encourage parents to send non-food items sometimes instead of treats. Some examples are pencils, erasers, stickers, rings, coloring pictures, etc. While at our school, all of our children participate in exercise and gross motor development three times a day every day. If you would like some information on how you can get your kids “moving” more at home please visit the following websites for creative and fun ideas; and




Scholastic Book Orders


Scholastic book orders are back! Your child’s teacher will give you a catalog each month that is age appropriate. Book orders will be due to the office by Mondayday, February 25th. Please use a check to pay for your orders.






February 4-8: MONSTERS (2-3 yr. olds)


MONEY (4-5 yr. olds)




February 11-15: VALENTINE’S




February 18-22: TIME




Feb. 25 – Mar. 1st: DINOSAURS




*Please check your child’s class calendar for special events and the month’s math and reading goals. This month, 2-3 year old’s are working on reviewing all letters P-R and review and numbers 1-18. Four to Five year old’s are working on the sound and spelling of letters Q-T and review and counting and writing numbers 50-60.



From the Classrooms


Infants, Waddlers, & Toddlers


We will be having a Valentine’s Party on Thursday Feb. 14th. If you would like to bring a treat please make sure it is store bought. Our language is growing immensely! This month we are talking about colors, temperature, winter weather, and singing and dancing! Don’t forget to take your baby’s blanket home at least once a week to be washed, this is VERY important during the sick season to cut down on germs. It is also very important that your baby has lotion here! Please donate a tissue box to our classroom if you can. Please check your baby’s extra change of clothes to make sure they have everything they need and that it is weather appropriate. And of course, don’t forget to check our diaper board regularly. Happy Birthday Kysen and Johnny! Thank you!







Miss Nicolle -We will be having a Valentine’s Party on Thursday Feb. 14th. We will be exchanging cards, playing games, and having treats. If you would like to, please bring 20 prepared cards for the party by Feb. 11th. We will be mailing cards to your home as well so please bring a self addressed and stamped letter to our class as soon as possible. There are many children without extra clothes in their cubbie. If your child doesn’t have any spare clothes please bring some in ASAP! Also, if you haven’t brought in a picture of your child please do so. We are excited to be getting new carpet this month! Thank You!






Miss Ruth -We will be having a Valentine’s Party on Thursday Feb. 14th. If you can, please bring 22 Valentine cards with your child’s name written in the “From” space. Please have these to school before the 14th. If you choose to send a treat as well please make sure it is store bought. This month we will be making Valentines, talking about monsters, time, and Dinosaurs. Please be sure that your child has a warm change of clothes in their cubbie. Please also check your child’s art folder, they are getting very full. The folders are located on the back wall with their names on them. We are excited to be getting new carpet this month! Thank you for letting me be a part of your child’s life!








Miss Alyssa –

Thursday February 14th is our Valentine’s Party! Children are encouraged to bring Valentine’s for their classmates but are not required. You may also send a treat if you wish. We will be making special Valentine crafts at our party. On Feb. 18th we will be having a discussion about our Presidents and their job. Please be sure to check your child’s art folder daily and take home their masterpieces.








We will be having a Valentine’s Party on Thursday Feb. 14th. If you would like to, please bring a healthy snack to share (carrots, apples, fruit snacks, crackers, oranges, pretzels, etc.). This month we are focusing on spelling our names and examining how well we know our letters. If you are able to donate a tissue box to our class it would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your support.






Last month our class had some amazing discussions about equality and respect. I was so impressed with the way the children participated and reflected on how they treat each other. This month we will be researching George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. We will also be working on money and telling time. Please send your child with warm boots, gloves, and coats. Since it is getting warmer we would love to go outside and build in the snow. We are always taking and appreciate gently used books for our classroom. Happy Birthday Ashton on Feb. 7th!






Homework club is going great. Please let teachers know if you have any special requests. Please be sure to label ALL your child’s items. This is especially important with snow accessories. We are always taking donations of slightly used books. We are in specific need of any English/Chinese dictionaries or Spanish/English dictionaries. Thank you for your support.




We are proud and honored to be a part of your child’s physical, social, and educational development.




Jessica Drage, Owner

Tender Years Child Care & Learning Center

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