October 2012 Newsletter

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October is always an exciting month at Tender Years. We have so many activities planned and special events. Please read all the information below so you are well informed with everything we have planned.


Our Preschool, Pre-Kindergarten, and Kindergarten classes have been in full force this month. We are excited about the talented teachers and progress we are already seeing with our children.


We will be updating the carpet in our Kindergarten classroom. The new carpet will have extra padding underneath to soften the floor. Installation will be the middle of this month.





Halloween Parade


We love having our Halloween Parade! As always, parents and family members are invited and encouraged to attend. The parade will begin at 9:30 AM in the gym on Wednesday, October 31st. Please make sure your child has a change of clothes. Your child’s teacher will change them in and out of their costume. We do not want anyone’s costume getting dirty or ruined. We always do a special lunch for the children on Halloween. Every child will receive a Happy Meal. A small $5.00 charge will be applied to your account if your child has lunch that day. We are looking forward to seeing all the children dressed up. Please remember that we do not allow any weapons with their costumes. Many classes will also be having parties and treats this week. If you bring a treat please remember that we are not allowed to have any nuts in the school. Also, if you do not want your child’s costume after the holiday we LOVE using them for dress ups if you would like to donate it.






UEA is scheduled for October 18-19th. All Kindergarteners and School Age children are eligible to go on our field trip to Black Island Farms on Thursday, Oct. 18th. This is always a huge hit with our kids! They get to tour the farm, see all the animals, play on the huge slides, and go through all the mazes. The cost is $4.00 and each child gets to take home a pumpkin. This will be an all day field trip (9:00 – 3:30). We are looking for a few parent volunteers to accompany us. Please let Diane know if you are interested.




Picture Day


It is time for our school pictures. Pictures are scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 10th. They will begin at 7:00 and usually end around 10:00. For those of you that are new, every child will have their picture taken. All the pictures are sent to the school and you will have the opportunity to view a packet full of pictures. You DO NOT have to purchase any pictures. If you would like to buy some or all your pictures their will be directions on how to purchase them. You will receive a pamphlet with information about picture day and your options a week before the pictures. Please refer to the office if you have any questions.






We have a magician coming! He will be doing a show for our kids on Tuesday October 30th at 10:00 AM. This is a big hit every year.




Eye Sight Check


Friends for Sight will be at Tender Years on Wednesday October 24th at 9:30 AM. They will be checking all the children for any problems or conditions in their eyes.




Scholastic Book Orders


Scholastic book orders are back! Your child’s teacher will give you a catalog each month that is age appropriate. Book orders will be due to the office by Friday, October 26th. Please use a check to pay for your orders.







October 1-5: COMMUNITY PLACES AND PEOPLE Part 2 (2-3 yr. olds)






October 8-12: THE 5 SENSES




October 15-19: THE 5 SENSES Part 2 (2-3 yr. olds)


OCEAN LIFE (4-5 yr. olds)




October 22-26: SELF CONCEPTS




Oct. 29 – Nov. 2: HALLOWEEN and FALL





*Please check your child’s class calendar for special events and the month’s math and reading goals. This month, 2-3 year old’s are working on reviewing all letters E-G and numbers 5-7. Four to Five year old’s are working on the sound and spelling of letters E-G and reviewing all their shapes from last year.


From the Classrooms


Infants, Waddlers, & Toddlers


We are having a Harvest Festival on Tuesday Oct. 30th. You are welcome (but not required) to send a store bought treat for the class to share. Our babies are working on lots of motor development with the help of art, music, and play. If we do not have a family picture from you please bring one in that we can keep here and put on display for your baby to look at. It does not have to be a professional picture. We always love having them look at their family and talking about them. Don’t forget to take your baby’s blanket home at least once a week to be washed. It is really important for our babies to go outside and take advantage of this wonderful weather. Please make sure your baby wear shoes for outside and gym play. Please check your baby’s extra change of clothes to make sure they have everything they need and that it is weather appropriate. It is important that the children have jackets during the fall season so we can still go play outside. And of course, don’t forget to check our diaper board regularly. Thank you!







Miss Nicolle – Halloween is Teacher Nicolle’s favorite holiday so we will be doing lots of fun activities. Be sure to check your child’s art folder everyday to see them. We will be having a Halloween party on Oct. 31st after the parade. Please be sure to bring your child’s costume in a labeled bag and to label ALL of the costume (including accessories). We will be having treats and playing spooky games! A lot of children are missing extra clothes in their cubbie. Please make sure there is at least one full change of clothes and a blanket every day. Please be sure to wash your child’s blanket at least once a week. We are going outside twice a day for play and exercise. Please make sure that your child has a jacket that is labeled. If you do not want your child’s Halloween costume after Halloween we would love to have it for our dress up box! Potty Training Tip: Once you put your child in underwear don’t go back to diapers. Stick to the change otherwise it could confuse your child.




Miss Melissa – We will be doing many fun Halloween and Fall activities this month. Be sure that your child has a full change of clothes in their cubbie with a blanket that you take home and wash at least once a week. Don’t forget about our Halloween Parade and party on Oct. 31st. Make sure your child’s costume is labeled with a first and last name. We will get them in and out of their costume.








Miss Melanie – We have a big month ahead of us! We will be learning about our community, the 5 senses, self concepts, fall, Halloween, and Ocean life. We will be working on letters E, F, and G and reviewing A-G. REMEMBER: sounds bags every Friday, check the calendar for the letter of the week, check your Take Home Folder every day, and take blankets home at least once a week to be washed. We will be having a Halloween Party on the 31st. Our party will be in the afternoon since the parade is in the morning. Please send your child’s costume in a bag labeled so we can change them in and out of it (please no masks or weapons). Friday is Show and Tell and your child is welcome to bring an item from home to share. Please leave all toys home for the rest of the week because it is very sad if they get lost and they can often cause arguments. I am excited to be working with you and your lovely children!






October is going to be a very exciting month. Don’t forget our Halloween Parade on the 31st at 9:30 in the gym. Be sure to label your child’s costume and accessories (no weapons or masks please). We will have a Halloween party on Tuesday Oct. 30th. If you would like to send an item to share with the class we are hoping to have anything except candy (they will get plenty the next day). Some ideas are apples, carrots, pencils, erasers, etc. Please know that you are not required to send anything, it’s completely optional. This month we are working on the sounds and spellings of letters E, F, and G, counting 20-30, and reviewing shapes. If you could send a pencil with your child it would be very helpful. Thank you for your support!






October is always a fun month with lots of SPOOKY activities! Don’t forget that our Halloween parade is at 9:30 on the 31st. If your child has afternoon Kindergarten than they will be participating in our parade. Make sure they have a change of clothes so they won’t ruin their costume. We have an amazing field trip planned over UEA. The Black Island Farms field trip is a favorite and details are listed up above under UEA. Be sure to sign up! All Kindergarteners are eligible for this field trip.






Don’t forget to sign up for the Black Island Farms field trip on Thurs. Oct 18th. Details are listed above under the UEA section. Homework Club is back in session and going very well and I love hearing your feedback. Let me know what your child needs to focus on. We are having a Halloween Parade on the 31st at 9:30 AM. If your child is off track and would like to participate they are welcome to. Make sure they have a labeled costume and clothes to change in to (no masks or weapons please). If your child is missing a coat/jacket please check our classroom because we have many unclaimed items hanging on our hooks. Please be sure to label ALL your child’s items. We are always taking donations of slightly used books. Thank you for your support.




We are proud and honored to be a part of your child’s physical, social, and educational development.




Jessica Drage, Owner

Tender Years Child Care & Learning Center

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